Small Business Saturday: Danny Brito

I have a Locals Only section, and as much as I love my community to support, there’s also online shops from friends and family. Danny Brito has has been mentioned so many times on this blog, I'm surprised I didn't make an honorary category for him yet. I have a few prints from Danny Brito (along with his book) and after watching him grow as an artist and online friend over the past couple years (which is like a decade in internet speak), his business is one that will always have my support. I recently purchased a Margot Tenenbaum clutch and I love it. Not only does it have one of my favorite prints from Danny, but it's well made and organizes what I need.

Danny Brito Purse 4

Danny Brito Purse 3

Danny Brito Purse 2

Danny Brito Purse

You can get your own Danny Brito piece here.

Since my phone case is equally cute, I should mention it's from Mandy Bryant.