I'm taking some inspiration from one of my favorites, Dani  of Sometimes Sweet. Her Currently posts are a great way to share what's going. Right now I am...  

Watching Movies! Yes, I got Movie Pass, it's like Netflix but for films! Since we work from home, we can go on our time. We've been going to the movies everyday and even cut our premium cable channels. If we really miss certain tv shows (like Homeland!) we can wait for the seasons to come up on iTunes. I'll be having a full review on Gadchick soon.


Listening to a little bit of everything. I'm going back to my roots and loving Mr. T Experience, The Riverdales, and Bouncing Souls. It's not a case of nostalgia but a case of coming to terms that I really love American pop punk. I'm also adding in Emma Wallace in the mix for a great balance.


Planning Scott and I are leaving to Arizona for one night for work and some play. We're catching Sufjan Stevens on his Christmas tour, finally!

Thinking About blogging, and privacy. How do I keep blogging what I love without sharing too much? After a decade of blogging, I'm still getting the hang of it. It's easy to blog about an innate objects, but it's different to post about the person behind it.


Looking Forward To my house being done! When it seemed like we finally had a quiet moment of renovation (it was non-stop the first year) we decided to get our built in bookcases, along with a built in pantry in the dining room. It's almost cleaned up and set up and the "after" pic will deserve it's own blog post, but here are some "before" and "in-between" pics of the renovation. (Please excuse the poor quality of the pic. You'd think the iPhone 5 would take better photos in a dim light by now)

Before In Between


Reading nothing! Really, I'm not reading anything at the moment and I'm a little embarrassed to admit this. I've had books open on my Kindle, and dabbled a bit in iBooks, and even have a few paperbacks I tried out, but my heart isn't in it to read right now, as heartbreaking as that sounds. It's okay to take a break from hobbies.


Making Me Happy All the Instagram pics of the holidays. People are getting their Christmas tree's out, baking, turning on the fireplace, making hot cocoa, and all the cheesy things that make the holidays the holidays.

Did you have a Currently post? Please share a link, I'd love to catch up on what everyone is up to.


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