The Best of Disneyland Locals

Having a Disneyland pass for over a decade, I think I've seen every angle of the park, read every "secret" Disneyland trivia, and taken every photo I can think of in the park. Every once in awhile, I'll come across something that has a new eye for the mouse ears, sometimes a photo or a blog... On Instagram I discovered whereiskirstie. Her photos are beautifully filtered and she captures Walt's vision in a 4x4 photo.

All photos belong to @whereiskirstie

For a blog, there are thousands of Disneyland blogs, but I always catch up with My Year With the Mouse, from writer Shelby Hogan. Not only do I know Shelby from being my neighbor (yep, what are the chances another blogger would be my neighbor?!), but she blogs about things I didn't even know of the park. Catch up on secrets, tips and tricks with her.

I'd love to discover more of the park, even years later. If you're an avid Disneyland fan or just love to follow up on Mickey news, do you have favorites you want to share? I'd love to know.

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