Disneyland Paris

I'm breaking up my trip to Paris in parts, and then realized Disneyland had enough photos to overwhelm anyone.   Some other photos of Disneyland Paris are here. I don't have Florida or any other Disneyland park to compare to, but Europeans really took the best of what made the park and left behind what didn't work. When you visit Disneyland Anaheim for the first time, it's magical (and crowded) but being a passholder for the past 15 years, I noticed the magic has been lost over the years. I thought it was because I grew up and knew what was behind that character in a suit, or behind the computer generated rides. Disneyland Paris really restored it.  They made you feel like you were really in a magical place. We went in March, where the park was just opening up from Winter. Some rides were closed due to construction and we missed the opening of them by a couple days! Darn it, we'll just have to come back!

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