Puppy Photos

Sometimes i take breaks from blogging. and i won’t tell you. i also won’t come back saying i’m sorry, i’m a terrible blogger. because i’m not a terrible blogger, especially for wanting to take a break. my lack of blog posts won’t merit if i’m a terrible blogger or not, but terrible blog posts will say that. (side note- isn’t the word BLOG so ugly?) To make up for those lack of blog posts, I have something that makes up for all of that! Puppy pics!! Meet Cinderella! (yes, she's named after a five year old who goes to Disneyland, a lot).



My nieces were blessed with a little puppy. She is growing really fast. When I first met her, she fit in the palm of my hand. Now, she I can hold her with two hands. She's still tiny, and absolutely adorable. They're in the process of moving into their new home and we get to pup-sit for them while they settle. I'll be posting more pics on Instagram!

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