LUSH 2.0

My original LUSH loot favorites have changed over the past couple of years. I'm still loyal to the product line, but I've discovered my own cult favorites I can't live without (at least for the next couple of years!)  If you missed the makeup line review, catch up here. I've also shared some not-so favorites. LUSH

+I'm partial to Sex Bomb - Bath Bomb but I tried Twilight and I loved it. It's  not as overwhelming as Sex Bomb, and it still has oils in it to make skin soft.

+It's Raining Men has the best shower gel title ever, and yes, the song gets stuck in your head. It's genius marketing and what better song to wake up in the shower? It makes me laugh a little every time I hope in the shower. I like it because it's not too fruity, not too "in your face, now wake TFU" like eucalyptus. Plus when I get hugs at church on Sunday morning after using this, I've never had so many compliments on a shower gel like I ever have a perfume. BUY THIS!

+Curly Wurly Lush Shampoo is amazing. My hair is curly, frizzy, BIG, and I love using something to weigh it down. I love Cynthia Stout shampoo but I do not love the smell. Curly Wurly smells like a California beach or a coconut margarita. My hair isn't frizzy and the extra weight makes styling it easier. Control those curls!

+Fresh Farmacy Face Soap gets an A. I don't like the actual soap, I'm used to liquid to wash my face. I use Clarisonic Mia's face cleanser, and the soap doesn't get stuck in the bristles. The Mia is already great enough alone, but with the extra quick of LUSH soap, it's all glowy and ready for selfies in the bathroom mirror.


+Ok, this conditioner Retread is the only thing I'll use on my hair now. If you have curly, frizzy, kinky hair, this is for you. If you don't, stay away or at lease use for a deep conditioner. It's heavy, creamy, thick, and makes my frizz stay away.

And now the bad, or at least the products that didn't make the list of favorites.

+Cynthia Stout. I was really torn on this shampoo. It works a miracle on my hair, but I had to stop using it when my husband would ask me if I showered, as I was getting out of the shower. It has a strong smell to it, and even if I love the scent of musk and beer, I can't handle it in my hair. It's given me my best hair days, shine like no flat iron can give me, a flip like no blow dry at a salon can, but for reals, it stinks and I can't handle it. Sorry, LUSH. This one I'll have to pass on. If Don Draper scent could be bottled, this is it.

+No Drought hair powder was given to me in samples weeks ago and I still haven't finished one pot. This stuff lasts forever. I love the texture of it, but I don't think it works in my hair. If I obviously don't have time to wash my hair, I don't have time to make sure all white dust isn't visible on my dark hair. And when I'm almost done, it looks gray and I'm too frustrated to work through my thick hairs. I know Vanessa loved it, but I think I'm going to pass on it. I do love using this dry shampoo. It's easy, great for traveling, and I didn't leave a mess "washing" my hair on my bathroom sink or clothes.