The Family Wall

Since today marks the release of The Royal Tenenbaums on Blu-ray, Criterion Collection Editon (!!), I thought it'd be appropriate to share my dining room wall. Photo-Canvas contacted me asking if I wanted to endorse their product. I've never owned a printed canvas before, and I loved the idea. I wasn't sure what to expect but I loved it!! I placed my order online, it was easy to upload, I was able to choose a colorful side, and the shipping was just as quick. The quality is great, and I'm really happy with the results. I chose this photo from my Flickr when I visited NYC a few years ago.

I loved this Polaroid but the quality was already a little grainy, so I went with digital. I'm loving the detail of the canvas. It looks so sharp, I can even see the cracks on the concrete and the shape of the leaves.

The artists on my wall are Nan Lawson, Claudia Varosio, Red Panda Designs, and now Photo Canvas.

Check them out here and on Facebook.