Bravo for Gallery Girls?

This year was the year of reality TV for me. I snubbed my nose at it for years and refused to get off my high horse attitude about it. I’ll admit- things are looking much better off my soap box. Now I understand the obsession--I love the mundane things of life (like those A Picture an Hour memes going around? LOVE THOSE but it’s with more editing, makeup, and drama). I began watching bits of it on Bravo, and was very excited when they asked to check out Gallery Girls. The synopsis is a group of young women climbing their way to the art world, whether it’s curating, archiving, or even just managing a gallery.

It reminded me of Gossip Girl, with the NYC boroughs clash. I’m not a New Yorker but I always thought the Upper East Side vs Brooklyn was exaggerated on tele. On Gallery Girls, it really happens. There are a group of wealthier women from the Upper East Side who clash with the lifestyle, fashion, and even attitude of the “Brooklyn Girls”. From watching only the first episode, it’s one of the few reality shows I could actually relate to. Not only are the women younger than most reality TV stars, but Gallery Girls show the struggles of what most girls our age dream of--moving to NYC to become independent and begin their careers.

The only negative to this show was the brevity of the story development. I understand it takes a season for character development, but it didn’t really tell me why these girls wanted to be in the art industry. The gallery girls were passionate, smart, independent and everything I imagine in a New York woman, but that wasn’t enough for me to catch on. However, maybe this is Bravo’s spin on it--leaving a little mystery. Enough to intrigue you, annoy you a bit (I can’t imagine viewers loving every.single.girl on the show, but yay for differences, right?) and enough to most importantly, keep the viewer watching. Below is the preview and it airs Monday night on Bravo!