Tuesday Links!

I've had some links I've been wanting to share and some of us are need a break from work, cubicle life, or school. Enjoy! + Confused by which foods do what exactly for the benefit of health? Refinery 29 breaks down the super foods.

+ Joined Jux! (thanks, Dani!)

I'm adding exclusive photo albums to my Facebook page. Be sure to "like" if you'd...like! I visited Yogurtland's collaboration with Sanrio. I'm obsessed and I can't wait for the other characters.

+ I love skating, Chicago and my friend Lauren who is behind this documentary. I've "backed" them in Kickstarter, and I think you should, too.

+ When I first moved in to my house, one of the first things that came to mind was sharing with online friends. I'm always fascinated by decor and homes in Pinterest and their online presence. This is a great article on the fascination.

+ LUSH is coming out with their own makeup line. This is the part where I get really jealous- Pink Bow tested it before it came on the market.

+ I had a sweet reader email me asking to vote for a good cause. It literally takes two seconds, you don't have to sign up for anything. Ayesha quit her job, lives in an Airstream and travels the country to share her art with kids in need. Check it out here.

+ It's been so hot, there are parts of my face I didn't realize could sweat. So I drink some...steamy hot chocolate? Yep, there's scientific proof "cooling" down with a hot drink can make you cooler.