Hello Kitty Vegan Dinner

Hello Kitty Pasta1

Yes, I love Hello Kitty and the vegan diet. Combine the two and I'll blog about it.

Hello Kitty Pasta

I found Hello Kitty Organic Pasta. I cooked it with Upton's Beef Flavored vegan meat. Just a disclaimer, I don't normally like anything packaged that's vegan. It usually contains a lot of sodium, fillers and chemicals I don't like because I've never heard of them or could barely pronounce them. Upton's had the most natural ingredients, the shortest expiration date to confirm freshness, and the lowest sodium.

Upton's Vegan Beef
Final HK Pasta

The result didn't look pretty (especially taken with low light and a cellphone), but it was delicious! It didn't taste like cardboard, but it wasn't overdone in flavor. It hasn't been that long since I've been vegan, but I can remember eating beef as a kid and the texture is very close to it. Pick up Upton's at these locations and Hello Kitty Organic Pasta on Amazon.