Chicago Week! Willis Tower

I've been wanting to share photos of my trip from Chicago since I returned and I thought having a "Chicago Week" would be great to share the food, the views, the shopping, and everything I loved. In Chicago last month, we visited the Willis Tower on our down time. The architecture and history were amazing to learn about but the Sky Deck was the most memorable. We were 1,350 feet in the air and it was amazing. Even if I wasn't in Chicago long and didn't get a chance to see much, we saw the city in full glory. The skies were clear and I think I saw Oprah's house somewhere in the horizon.

Some of these photos were taken on my iPhone 4S and others taken with my Canon Powershot S95. If you have a sensitive stomach or just flip out over heights, maybe these photos aren't for you. Hey, I'm scared of random noises at night, so I won't judge you.

Update! Just discovered there's a LEGO. Cue the emoji with the mouth wide open.