Chicago Week! The Food!

I didn't stick to my vegan diet when I was Chicago. Since the diet is for health, I thought walking at least the 5 miles per day would take care of the deep dish pizza slices. It was one of the most memorable trips, food-wise! We ate at Yolk all week because it was next to our hotel. Even if Yolk was a few blocks further, it would be worth the extra steps! Scott ordered The South Beach breakfast, it was greek yogurt with granola, berries and fruit. You can see my shamed berry yogurt bowl in the background.

Close up

We also shared a stuffed Red Velvet French Toast. It's decadent as it sounds.

The Raspberry Lemon Tea was great. It was homemade, and I don't like sugary drinks, this tasted FRESH. I ordered three in one sitting!

We have one Sprinkles in Newport Beach but of course we had to try what Chicago had to offer. This is the lemon flavor.

Sugarbliss Cake Bakery was great, too.

We had a couple dinners with deep dish pizza. Our favorite was Giordano's. I've never experienced a heavy pizza slice until I came here. We also tried Lou Malnati's.

Chicago was delicious.