On (Not) Being a Quitter

My attitude towards blogging over the years went from excited and motivated to hard and cynical. I wasn’t bitter, I found myself reading, encouraging, and commenting on my favorite bloggers posts, but I personally didn’t want to do it. I don’t know why I stopped, I just put up this wall against anything related to blogging. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook helped push my blog away because I allowed it. Micro blogging is quick and there’s no emotional attachment to readers like I’ve experienced with blogging.

I quit sponsorships because of the obligation I felt trying to represent business’. I quit blogging daily. I quit blogging about what I loved rather than what was popular. What else was there to do besides quitting completely? After a short break, I’d love to do it again. I’m 31 and began blogging over 10 years ago, even if privately (hellooo, LJ drama). My life is more exciting than ever, even if it’s not perfect, and this is the best time to document it for myself. Just like I found the time when I was in school, planning a wedding, and working full time, I know I can find the time now. Cheers to new perspective, and new attitude on an old flame.

Whether this is your first post, or your 894th, (according to Wordpress at least), thanks for reading.

{photo taken in Albuquerque}