I Hate Quotes

I've always thought inspirational quotes were lame. There are a list of things I would roll my eyes at, but as I've gotten older, experienced more, I've changed. This includes adding inspirational quotes to things I LOVE. Real Simple has a sub-blog (can I call it that? or is it a mini-blog? A blog from a blog? I don't even know) called simplystated and it's my current home page. My favorite feature are the Daily Thoughts. They are as beautifully designed as they are motivating. Ihatequotes1


These are my favorites from Real Simple. Do you have anything you'd recommend for awesome cheesy quotes?

[I just returned from a work trip, we were supposed to stay an extra week for vacation but with everything that's going on at home, it's best to return home. I've been uploading on Instagram for mini updates! Check it out! Until then, see ya soon!]