Paris on Film: Lomography Negative 35mm

I finally tested out Lomography's own slide film, on my Canon AE-1 . I tested it on the most colorful place I could think of- Disneyland Paris! The colors were saturated, intense, and the contrast to each photo visually describes how I experienced the park. I love the Disneyland park I visit here at home often, but Disneyland Paris was...well...honestly, it was better. I felt like it was how Disneyland should be, and I've never experienced anything like it. I have some photos on my DSLR I'll be sharing and go more into detail and you'll see why it's awesome. Besides the park being only 20 years old, Europeans really took the magic of what Walt had in mind and made it better. Scott and I are huge fans of anything Disney, and Disneyland Paris seemed like the perfect place to celebrate our anniversary (yep, we're kid adults). There were two parks, like here in Southern California. The Walt Disney Studios reminded me of a mix of Universal Studios Hollywood with California Adventure.

I had some film left and took it on a stroll to Champs-Elysees.