Life, lately.

Peekaboo Last Thursday, I woke up to what I thought would be a usual Thursday- work out, go to Costco, and watch 30 Rock with late snacks.

Last Thursday, life changed.

My husband got a phone call his mom wasn’t feeling well and went to ER in the afternoon. At the hospital, we were told she had a severe stroke. She’s getting better but it’s hard to watch her speak and life is just hard right now. We’ve barely been home, barely slept, showered, ate, and what little free time we have, we try to stay as sane as possible.

The really scary part of all this is Scott’s mom had a stroke before but she didn’t know it. She’s fairly young for being a stroke victim, slim, and what we thought was great health. After doing some research, strokes in women are completely different from men. She’s recovering and doing better each day such as lifting a finger, but we try to keep her busy with games that will make the right side of her brain more alert (crosswords, Fruit Ninja, Scrabble, etc.) At times I’ll admit I didn’t get along with her, but in the end she raised the best man I’ve met, it is emotionally draining to watch her suffer.

I  have a bit of a bigger heart for humanity, that’s what happens when vulnerability gets you unexpectedly. This is a part of life and I'd like my faith to pass the test at the fullest rather the slimmest.

I really appreciate the small things like blogging about pretty things, being distracted on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. Your tweets about your soggy turkey sandwich and massive amounts of photos of your kid are what helping my day easier, as crazy as that sounds.

If you want to know the info, you can read more here. (that photo above has nothing to do with the topic, but it's a bit comforting, no?)