Dream Job: Food Stylist

When I pour over the pages of Whole Living, VegNews, O Magazine and other beautiful food related magazines, I can't help but wonder- who took the photo and how can I get that job? After doing a little research, this dream job is called food styling. I did something similar to this a couple summer's ago at K&A Cafe. I didn't have much control of how to take the photo (it wasn't exactly as glamorous when it was on a styrofoam plate with bright fluorescent lighting). It was a fun gig and ultimately, would love to do something like this to pay the bills. I love my current job but how fun would it be to say "I style FOOD for a living"! The Flickr group, A Food Photography Experience, is really a visual feast (literally) of delicious food. It's inspring when they can make a greasy plate of onion rings look decadent.

Strawberries photo by Little Upside Down Cake on flickr.

green, white and red salad: best lunch ever. photo by .ira on flickr.

Simply relaxing photo by tanyush_m on flickr.

11.1 photo by Makushilda on flickr.

Sweet May morning still-life photo by Elena Vlasova on flickr.

Food stylists I admire; Vivian Lui, Lisa Homa, and Emma and Young (okay, they're not a "food stylists" but one of my favorite people that take pretty photos of it).

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