Reliving Amélie

I love the film Amélie, so of course, when I was in Paris, I had to do the touristy thing and visit what the film locations of the movie. First stop is Pigalle district, where Moulin Rouge is. It's the porn area of Paris (I realize even the most beautiful cities must have a red light district). Nino worked in a little adult store where Amélie goes to find him Where Nino Worked

Notre Dame is the beautiful church where Amélie's mom is killed

Notre Dame

The cafe where Amélie works in was turned into a tourist spot for the film. Café des Deux Moulins was about to go out of business until it was approached by the film makers. The cafe owner took the money and little did he know the cafe would be a hot spot in Paris thanks to Amélie.

 Café des Deux Moulins,

I even tried creme brûlée. I would normally never try it because of the dairy, but I've made a few exceptions while in Paris. It was my first one and I loved it (but not enough to have it again here at home. The comparison would be at too high of standards)

 Café des Deux Moulins,

We didn't visit all the film locations, and if we did, I'm sure I missed it, but I'll be sure to watch the movie again to see what was missed! Maybe I'll have to go back for a couple more photos :)

The Tower