Paris on Film: Lomography Earl Grey

I realize film is so much more easier to work with. It can be unpredictable, but compared to digital photos, it saves me a ton of time. Instead of going through each picture to edit, crop and make it just as how I want it, film doesn't need any of this. I just ask my lab developer to add it on CD (or scan if you have the time) and pop it in my computer, upload and it tells the stories for me. Another reason I love film- lazy blogging ;) I tried out the Earl Grey film from Lomography. I bought this last year but my wine fridge kept it for me. I liked how the film came out but I don't think it came out as a strong contrast like black and white does. I won't disregard the film, but I do want to try it one more time in another camera.  I wanted sharper images but I'm not sure if this is my camera or the film. I do however, really want to try the Lady Grey from Lomography.

The images below are from room service, to the red light district.