Paris on Film: B&W Film

Enjoy your weekend! Here are some pics from Paris. I used generic black and white film from Amazon. Not all the photos came out on this roll, but a reader emailed asking where I put my film when they went through the xray machines in the airport security. I did have it packed in my checked bag both bags (which I wasn't expecting to check even when I spent weeks researching what to bring, but that's another ranty blog post on airports) but she sent me this link that was really helpful for future travels. This explains the Spectra film I packed after I tested it at home, it came out beautifully but when I tried after I arrived, it was blank. The TSA also suggests you can have a hand inspection of the film rather than having your film go through the machine. This was our hotel, I loved how modern it was but it still looks vintage even with the film, and I barely caught a man running through the streets of Montmartre, and a small cafe I tried to snap but was pushed by other tourists. The last one is an accidental double exposure of the The Dali exhibit. I know not every picture taken is gold, but I also know each shot is a lesson learned to something better. I can't wait to keep shooting!