Technology with Estrogen

In case you missed it, Gadchick Issue 2 was released last week (along with our very first app!!).

I especially love issue 2 because it's in the direction I was hoping it would go in- technology with estrogen! Gadchick didn't begin to try to be better than other female driven tech blogs, or tech sites for women. I love those blogs, they inspire me (and yes, even the sexist ones run by men assuming all pink gadgets must be for women). I think with the blogging community, there are lifestyle blogs, fashion blogs, photo blogs, DIY blogs, and "mommy" blogs but I've yet to see a tech driven blog. I wanted to have an outlet to write about a love for technology, and gadgets and everything in between, with a female voice. A little more than the average review, but a little more than a pink/Hello Kitty apparatus (or the vibrating kind).

Gadchick has themed issues, and our second issue was photography. I wanted to include all the latest photo gadgets coming out but realistically, they won't be new in a few weeks. So there is a fun read on the weirdest/most expensive cameras that sound more like concepts.

We had Nan Lawson do the cover, along with writing pieces from amazing writers and great features and tips.


You can read more here!