Replacing your Point & Shoot with an iPhone 4S Camera

I had the chance to interview Laura Lawson for Gadchick. I loved her Instagram tips but the one tip standing out the most was replacing an iPhone camera with a point and shoot, even a DSLR. After a few digital convos, I decided to pack what I needed for my trip. I didn’t want to carry the burden of an extra gadget and a few extra lenses. It reminded me of last year when I went to Rome, I had a carry-on devoted to just photo gear and used only half of it. I wanted to be prepared, for those “just in case” moments. When those “just in case” moments came and passed, there were no fancy lenses or camera. They came too quick or I really didn’t want to ruin the perfect moment with a gadget. I took Laura’s advice and after using the editing tools she provided in the article (page 31!), I decided not bring my Canon S95 point and shoot. I also decided not pack the millions of lenses I normally bring for my Canon DSLR. After what would be hours on my computer with pricey or complicated photo programs, I stuck to my Canon XSi2, a 50mm, and iPhone 4S with some camera apps. These are my favorite below

I don't think I would ever replace my DSLR with an iPhone 4S, especially with film. I will however not be carrying so many novelty lenses all at once. There are rumors about the iPhone 5 having a better camera than the 4S. I'm excited to see where iPhoneography adventures will be taking me. To read Laura's tips, read Gadchick issue 2.