Paris, so far

Paris so far has been great. We've seen the Louvre (and was really surprised by the size of Mona Lisa, but even more surprised other Da Vinci's pieces were completely ignored), had kiwi on a stick at McDonalds (I'm sure back at home I'd rant on the GMO's on this, but realistically I'm on vacation so a little won't hurt, right?), and trying to knock out all the tourist venues before we leave to another part of Paris in a couple weeks. I love Paris, but I also love working with a better view. I don't speak French, and when I attempted, nervously looking up and down at my iPhone language apps, it was insulting from the look of people's faces. Thankfully people speak English or Spanish, I'll stick with what I know, and I won't butcher the romantic language anymore!

It's been fun updating on Instagram here and Scott's Instagram here.