I Love You, Hallelujah

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen is the most beautiful song I've ever heard. It's dark, inspiring and at the same time uplifting, morose, joyful, and ever feeling that contradicts itself. I can write a thesis on how I feel about this song, but it sings for itself. It's on Cohen's 1984 Various Positions. I think normally in order to appreciate Leonard Cohen it's an acquired taste but Hallelujah is a song everyone can love. I mean, even Susan Boyle covered it (yes, that Susan Boyle). I've read so many versions and opinions on what the song is about, but my take on it is the stories are inspired by women of the Bible. Cohen, from what I've read, isn't exactly a Christian artist and I understand this isn't a Christian song, but growing up in a Christian home, I could pinpoint the lyrics of the song to a Biblical story.

I loved the song so much, I made a playlist on rdio on everyone who has ever covered it. My favorite version is Jeff Buckley's version. Is there a version you love?


(If you're reading this in email, jump out to listen).