And we're back

I'm back home safely from Paris. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience in email and RSS feeds. I know during a busy work day even one email or an extra feed can be a nuisance let alone 100 of them. Somehow there were some tech issues and Gadchick was mixed up with my personal blog.  It all began when I realized AT&T has a problem with my old host, Godaddy. AT&T blocks some godaddy and wordpress sites. I noticed this when I had a few emails letting me know my blog couldn't be viewed, and when I got home, I couldn't even log on, I freaked out a bit but I'm so so grateful for Sophie to help me move hosts. In order for my blog to work with AT&T customers, each person had to do a Terminal traceback and configure their ISP's. In other words, it's easier to move hosts than ask a reader to do this. Thanks for waiting around! Sending these out!

I'm unpacking bags, eating the last of the macaroons (how could I turn down a macaroon from PARIS?!), and dusting off my blog from abandonment. I'm sending out film from my Canon AE-1, and I can't wait to see how it turns out. Back to blog life, folks!