Shelved for 2012

In 2011, I purchased 272 books on my Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Borders (before they closed), Nook and iBooks. Some were free, 99¢ in the Kindle store, on sale, and some I paid full price for. They were cookbooks, fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, technical books, vintage books, children's books, you name it, I (thought) I'd read them as soon as I purchased them. This doesn't include what I actually owned prior. My husband is a librarian and with our marriage came a documented certificate, a wedding, and a houseful of books. There's nothing wrong with books, the more the merrier by all means. I love books in any form. Well, after looking back at the year and how I've spent my money, I decided to stop buying books for just 2012.

For 2012, I will borrow from my bookshelves, and my digi library. I won't be buying any books for 2012. I know it's almost impossible for some of us, but I think I can do it! This crazy idea (well, crazy for me) was prompted after unpacking books after my move and looking at my online collection. Part of our home was specifically made into a home library, and I'm embarrassed to say I haven't even read half of what's on my shelf. I realized I had so many books, it's inexcusable to keep adding to the shelves and storage if I don't really read them. Sure, there are some I've actually read and loved, but it's not enough to merit spending and storing so many books that are going unloved. It doesn't matter what the topic of the book is, I will read it. My girl scout Cadette handbook? Reading. My favorite Bukowski I've read a few times? Reading that, too. A children's book from the thrift store? Add it to the list. Am I eyeing another vegan cookbook to my kitchen? Nope, instead I'll use the collection I already have. That explicit fantasy book I got as a white elephant gift? Reading.

It was the romance of reading, not actually owning the books, that swayed me to purchase them. So why not stop buying books, save some money, and visit some old favorites and new adventures through reading? I want to do this project to test my love for consumerism. Really, I love shopping for books. I love clicking on that "add to cart" button, walking out of the book store with a ton of used books. There's nothing wrong with it, but for myself, it's a habit closer to hoarding. Scary.

Are you with me on this? Is there anything you've vowed to stop buying for 2012?

{Just to clarify, if a book is required for a book club or a work, I'll be going to the public library, friends or neighbors to check it out rather than purchasing and still be able to keep my no-buying books for 2012 project consistent}