Friday Links


Danny Brito has opened up a new shop. I know it's hard to move away from the etsy community and I think he'll do fine on his own.

I'll be traveling next month for 3 weeks, and my goal is to pack ONE carry on. I made a new board to visually check out what I have, what I want to take (not all of it of course). I think I can do it!

Source: via Diana on Pinterest

I appreciate really thick shaped eyebrows, I'm sure one day I'll love my thin shapeless brows, but for now, I'm admiring the ones below

Source: via Gabbi on Pinterest

How to Dress Modestly without looking frumpy. I love this.

How to say I love you in math

A real life tower of books

This made me tear up.

Wes Anderson has officially made an art of making his own style, it's very ... Wes Anderson.

Enjoy your weekend. What do you have planned?

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