Friday Links

My favorite finds online this week, starting with Pinterest.

Lately, I'm set on backpacks over bags. I love my fancy bags but after so many years of carrying leather that weighs more than my contents, my poor shoulder is too young to progress to a high level of pain. I have my eye on a few including this one

I have the black Fjallraven but how about just a whole rainbow of them? Sure.

I'm not sure how silly I'd look with this, but it's so fancy!

Have you ever been told you suck? I could take the critics if I'm striving for excellence but when I don't have a goal, I wouldn't pay much attention to it. This article puts things in perspective.

Lauren Moffat's Fall '12 line is inspired by women in academics. Brains and beauty.

Did you know Gadchick was having a fabulous giveaway this week? You have until the end of the weekend to enter here

This weekend I'll be going through the archives of this blog, planning my trip to Paris next month (yep, Paris!), discovering Pete Yorn (seriously, why didn't anyone tell me how amazing musicforthemorningafter was?) and going to try to veganize this pink heaven.

Enjoy your weekend and this cute vid from Field Notes