*bespoke* magazine

Bespoke Magazine is a grass roots publication for the crafty at heart. It supports indie artists, and is self publishing. Knowing what it takes to make a business grow, I have much respect for how *bespoke* works.

*bespoke* is a quarterly Australian Zine (with both print and digital versions available) made by the handmade community, for the handmade community. It is full of stories, interviews, features, tutorials, recipes, and much more! Topics covered include craft/handmade, vintage, art, photography, and all things creative.

The magazine is available in print or digital, but it did feel great to sit down by the fire place on a gloomy day and read from cover to cover. It's inspiring, and makes me wish I had more time to craft and create like I did before, but it does make me appreciate the handmade community on a new level.

Check out *bespoke* here!

*bespoke* is a current endorsement.