Slow Reading

The Slow Readers Book Club was once a thriving digital book club with 500+ members, with interviewing the authors featured, having a promising future, and moving forward. Well, somewhere after the moving forward part, I stopped updating, and allowed myself to be overwhelmed with it. I have an amazing group of blogging friends who were at beck and call who I simply didn't ask help for. Well, after being busy with projects, and prioritizing my time, I realized I do think the Slow Readers has a promising future. And I asked for help! I've hired Carly as the main admin to run the book club, and we asked Ashley from That Is All for an extra hand. I'm really excited to get back to it. Now that I'll be more of a reader than leading, it feels refreshing to work on other projects and read along. A hearty welcome to both of them! We're introducing two new books to the book club- The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and The Virgin Suicides. I loved the film, and I already reserved both books at the library.

You can be updated with the newsletter by reading it here and please subscribe if you'd like! We only update when we have new books available, which is about once every season (the book club is named after the art of the slow movement). Thanks for the support! Cheers to more reading!