Much Love Monday (on a Thursday)

For 2012, I haven't been updating Much Love Monday, but just because my blog was down a few weeks doesn't mean I want to skip on this year! I'm playing a little catch up for the past 3 Mondays. I felt a little dirty buying this from j crew. Especially since Liz showed me a DIY (and they are all over the web), but by the time I purchased a decent quality sweater plus the supplies, I was out almost the price of the original sweater. I've been wearing it at least every other day since it came in the mail. It can be layered, worn alone or just pretty to look at. Classy meets kawaii? Yes, let's go with that.

I've been eating more raw eating and greens in my diet, and following a strict no cheese and dairy routine. I miss mac & cheese most and I've found a delicious alternative, Road's End Organics. It may not be the healthiest pre-packaged meal, but I add a little nutritional yeast and I can eat the whole box, shamelessly.

Every season, Target sells the cutest items according to the holiday. I left the store with tablecloths, regrettably. I wish I would have left with the whole Valentine's section. Everything just looks better with hearts, guys.

I know it's only been 3 Mondays in, but here's a bonus. I love these gloves- they keep my hands warm and I don't have to take them off because they are touch screen-friendly! Gadchick is doing a giveaway this week. Click here to enter!

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