Welcome to my new (blogging) home! There are lots of changes around here, let me give you a little tour! I switched blogging platforms. After having so many issues with Blogger, and reading more horror stories on Blogger deleting a blog without the user's permission, Wordpress didn't seem so complicated. After editing the Gadchick's e-book on Wordpress, I was convinced. I hired Sophie again, and it's exactly what I want, simple and a new place I can call home (sort of).

When I first began blogging, I was single, and blogged about random topics. I'll still be blogging about cameras, kawaii, photography, travel, and everything random, but my life isn't random anymore. I've planted roots, I have a home, a husband, and a new love for topics I never thought would enter this blog. I remember reading tons of topics with recipes, DIY, tutorials, and tips years ago and I thought I could never relate. Now, that's almost all I read. I've also realized I don't have to blog. I have Twitter, Instagram and even Facebook (cringe). I gave up the mindset of what bloggers go through- having to blog daily, obligation turning to resentment and wanting to throw my laptop across the room (well, no, just closing it really dramatically) after I read more emails and comments. I felt like my life revolved around blogging. After a nice long break, I've made blogging my hobby again. And I can't wait to get started.