Friday Links

It feels GOOD being on a regular blogging schedule. Here are some links to entertain you for the weekend!

Suitcases as planters on English Muse.

Cinemagraphs on your iPhone? Yep, they finally made an app for that.

Diana Mini vs Holga 135bc? You be the judge

Did you know Nan Lawson is doing the cover for the second issue of Gadchick cover? Sam does a great interview with her here!

I used to hate the color pink, I can go on and on how the gender specification is crammed down women's throats as young girls, but now it's my favorite color. It's associated with femininity, but I think it's empowering, sexy and fun. Nicolette shares here thoughts (and awesome pics) here.

I've been wanting to visit Salvation Mountain for years, and Natalie was lucky enough to capture some amazing pictures of it here.

Up and coming blogs deemed by Alt Summit. There goes your weekend.

Imagine a world without reading? No, thank you.

What are you doing for the weekend? One of the perks of being a gadget hog is being able to giveaway some old gadgets. I'll be tearing up my garage and office looking for an old netbook for a friend in need of a computer. It feels good to put them to good use.