Merry's New 'Do


We had a chance to adopt Merry a couple months ago, after a family member gave her up due to financial burdens. She's an 8 year old Maltese and is one of the most well behaved animals I've ever met. She was a little shaggy, and as easy it was to cuddle with her, I couldn't help but notice her heinous odor. Merry (named after Merry Brandybuck, to befriend Frodo) finally had her hair cut and was freshly groomed today. She has the bangin' bangs now, too. If you're in the Orange County and Long Beach area, Curbside Cuties did a wonderful job on Merry. Let's see how cute she is...

Merry's profile

her accessory details...cute!
Merry's Details

Merry close up

Merry is ready for company this month, but it also says something when your dog has better hair than the to make my hair appointment!

{btw, thanks for all the feedback and support on the gadchick release! I've received emails from the writers, readers and friends telling me what they loved, liked, disliked and hated, and I really do appreciate every opinion. We'll be working on issue 2 next week already! I celebrated with a good night's sleep! Cheers!}