goodbye, 2011

This is the one of the last posts on for 2011, so it'll be appropriate to walk down memory lane.

2011 started off with a trip to the ER.

In February I shared why I love digital reading so much.

In March, I mourned for a country I've never been to. We were supposed to leave 2 days before the tsunami earthquake to Tokyo.

Barely recovered from surgery, I celebrated my 30th birthday in Rome and our 3rd year anniversary in Florence.

In April, my blog had a makeover.

In May, I was home for one night out of the month, really. I left to Canada and Utah to listen to Scott lecture. I was the librarian's roadie.

In June, I visited the iconic Madonna Inn and we bought our first house!

In July, I was in Lomography's Top Bloggers Who Use Analog and let go of some issues I was dealing with.

In August, we bought our first dog together (and the first dog I've owned!).

In September, I accepted and learned to love myself 100%.

In October, I decided to go after a gutsy goal, and I picked up learning to play the guitar.

In November, I realized I overcame my biggest fear, and visited Santa Barbara for the first time.

This month, I reached my goal, and the closest friend I met through blogging returned to blogging.

Here's to more growing, awareness and adventures in 2012!

Happy New Year!!
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