Beauty is Sprout Deep

Confession: I don't wash my face as much as I should, and I know this is a big no-no for a woman going into her 30's (or at any decade, really). I'm grateful to have great skin, and I think it has everything to do with circumstance- I had a foundation of skin care I was raised on that was all natural (the olive oil method  that Liz discusses here, and using apple cider vinegar for a toner, and Dr. Bronner's face wash) Also a benefit? Either no makeup, or "natural" makeup (I only use quotes because you and I both know if we swallowed it, it wouldn't look so pretty coming out).

The more "natural" my skin care became, the more I wanted it to be just that- purely natural. I love LUSH (still do!) but I didn't like the preservatives in it. It was amazing on my skin, but I wanted something a little more organic. I found Sprout Skin Care after they had a sale on fab. Not only was I already impressed with the packaging- glass instead of plastic for those of us who are concerned about living BPA-free, but there is a date on when it was packaged. The product ingredients are good for one year shelf life, and I understand every ingredient, most items have less than five. 
Sprout Set
sprout exp date
Sprout size
As soon as I took snazzy pics of the products, I sampled it and my skin feels great. I still love LUSH, but now I'll have the confidence of what's really in my skin care thanks to Sprout Skin Care. Now, off to wash my face on a regular basis like a normal person. 
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