Sharing is Caring for Everyone but Google

Google Reader recently changed their format. It's a beautiful look to read blogs now, but sadly, they did away with the sharing feature. Every morning for the past couple years, I'd connect with friends links, feedback and commentary on what I shared. I discovered a ton of new blogs, recipes, and inspiration from the sharing feature. I know there are other platforms to share links, but I'm a creature of habit, and I loved the old Google Reader. It was a pocket of the internet I was able to go to without having to filter through tweets, and update status'.

The last thing I ever shared was embarrassingly on foursquare, but these are the last bits of what Google has let me share. It does have a positive side; unlike sharing blindly, I'll be able to share links with more caution and not click "share" at every post with a Galactic Empire reference.

So, here is the last of what I've shared and I'll post some weekly links after going through my Reader. One thing I didn't get a chance to share though? This amazing print from Sam, an artist I love and admire- I even have a few of Sam's pieces tattooed. It's appropriately titled, The Librarian.

The Librarian

Is anyone else effected by Google's changes to Google Reader?