Office Cat

Fable 2

Fable has a history of territorial issues. Before we moved into the house, we lived in a small apartment. We couldn't put her in the office because it was also our storage room and she marked on everything, and constantly knocked over her water bowl so Gatsby and Zelda (the other two cats) couldn't drink any. Our marriage license, our college degrees, our tax papers, to name the important things were marked by Fable. It was a reminder to clean up our mess, and even if she's spayed, she's still an animal. We still love her and wanted to give her everything to make her comfortable, but it was out of our control due to the space we lived in.

I've mentioned before how I came to love animals, especially cats, here. It was a tragic story, but I'm thankful you didn't judge a ten year old based on her moral compass. I barely knew what to do with my arms let alone judge what was right and wrong. Now that we've moved to a larger space, Fable keeps me company while I work, has a friend to play with, and she doesn't need to share the litter, or even her food. So far, the water bowl hasn't been knocked over since we've moved.

Fable is much happier, the queen has found her own castle.

Fable at Home