Much Love Monday: Baking

With some minor details like lighting fixtures, and curtains, my kitchen is officially done (pics soon, promise!). I christened it with baking a rich chocolate cake! I didn't bake much in my apartment, I was limited on space and patience with the small space.


I used Le Creuset French oven enameled cast iron, I haven't used it enough to season the pan, but I don't want to buy a cake pan when this will do just fine. I used a gluten-free recipe, doubled the time for the enameled cast iron. {The bowls were purchased on sale from Joss & Main, for the curious. Cute, right?!}


The cake came out fluffy, and moist. The texture was soft, nothing like I've ever baked before. I drizzled some white honey on it, and yes, I did have it for breakfast. And some after lunch. Maybe dinner if you promise not to judge me.


I'm excited to bake, and spend some time in the joys of cooking.

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