LOL CAM and Links


After seeing this awesome camera on Ashley's blog, That is All, I made a note to buy it next time I stepped foot inside Urban Outfitters. I finally visited the Santa Barabara UO, and I'll be using it for my visit here this weekend.

I'm really behind on blog reading, but I did favorite some links to share

>> Portraits made out of book pages

>> Kitty Adobes! This would be perfect for Fable.

>> Apple cider cups. I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year, and these will be made.

>> This food blog makes me hungry and laugh at the same time. The writing is witty as the recipes are delicious.

>> Have you discovered Letters to Dead People? I've been sharing this in Google Reader for months and if you've been deprived of this awesome tumblr, my apologies.

>> This is going on my wish list. Ridiculous but so awesome.

I never thought of using up "data traffic" but House of Radon uses a concept to help the infrastructure of networks save data. It's a great idea and a beautiful execution.

Enjoy your weekend!