Fear Factor

When I was 23 I took a psychology class. We were asked by the professor what our biggest fear in life was. Most classmates mentioned death, and snakes. I decided to be honest, real honest, and announce my biggest fear- marriage. Yes, the harmonizing of two people committing to each other by law scared the hell out of me. Go ahead and analyze my fears, but I never understood why either- I wasn't a product of divorce, or had a terrible childhood, or anything severe. Half the students in the class were married, and looking back now, I understand their discomfort towards me.

I had this mindset that marriage was something I didn't want any part of in my life. I don't know if age and wisdom eased it up, or if it was meeting Scott. Scott was everything I wanted in a man- he was Godly, academic, handsome, and unlike anyone I've known, has the most character and integrity. To add to the swoonworthiness, he's also a professor, a writer, and a tech nerd. Yes, he seemed too perfect. I took the plunge and we married shortly after we met. Even after three years of marriage, everyday I wake up to my husband and I feel a little braver each day.

Happily Ever After

Kaelah from little chief honeybee gave me the opportunity to talk wedding for her Wedding Wednesday Feature and I'm so grateful she let me share! You can check it out here. Thank you again, Kaelah!

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