Big News: Introducing Gadchick


After much thought, debate, frustrating self-doubt, and looking at the future potential of this, I'm following a small dream of mine and starting up a magazine called GadChick. Yep, an online magazine. Think Matchbook for nerdy/geeky women who love technology on all levels. How will this be different like most gadget blogs and publications for women? I want to make something different with a voice in my love for technology, and I know I'm not alone in this. GadChick will be not just tech news, but reviews, tutorials, and even some environment, design, fashion and beauty news. I also promise to not dumb it down just because we're women. Also, it's not just for women, despite the cheeky name. This is for men who want the same thing in their gadget news. Guys, you're invited, too.

Here is where I need your help- as much as I love all gadgets, I can't do this on my own; I need you.  Your voice, your opinion, your thoughts on why you love technology. I'm taking submissions for the magazine starting today. I'm in the process of getting the GadChick business license and notarized contracts, but as soon as those are available next year, I'll be able to legitimately pay writers and contributors. And you never know, you could get a permanent spot as a writer, editor, or designer for the magazine! Please email to

In the meantime you can follow the process of starting from scratch on Twitter, and Tumblr.

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