A Loud Hobby

Scott surprised me with a new guitar

Sometimes I think I have really silly hobbies for a 30 year old woman, like toy cameras, and reading comic books. Well, I wanted to add another to the list- guitar. I really wanted to play it when I was younger but work, school, and all that stuff you have to do in order to get to where you are now was in the way. Not only can I have ice cream for dinner, but I can also play guitar if I want to. I married a blessed man because he surprised me with a new one! Actually, it's not new, it's used but it's mine. I'm learning my chords, cutting my nails, getting new callus', and daydreaming of being in The Black Keys. I have two musician brothers who are probably going to laugh at me because as much as music is a part of my life, I'm really good at listening to it, not playing it. I may have fantasized about being a rockstar, or the next Donna L., but even 15 years later it still feels good to play this after a bowl of chocolate gelato for dinner.

Do any readers of this blog play? Any tips?