Sneak Peak of Home

The house we purchased was built in 1907. It's been kept in amazing condition but cosmetically, it's not our style. It's been a long process of a lot of phone calls, emails, cancellations, and even no-shows on the construction part to get how we want our home, but I've discovered it's worth the wait. It's really hard to complain when I'm still in the "honeymoon" phase of being a homeowner. Here are some bits of what I'm calling home now.

We have books everywhere. We wanted the living room to be like an old library- dark, cozy, regal, and filled wall to wall of books. When we got married, there was this unspoken marriage of our book collections as well. It's so good to slowly have them come together. We chose a royal navy to set the tone of the living room. This library sign was also fitting, it's one of the first things you see when you walk in.

 Lime green office door with purple walls? Yes, please. Who says I have to stare at a blank white wall to work? Some love simplicity, we thrive on colors that stir our minds.

These dining room curtains match the ridiculous hot pink kitchen. I was hesitant on getting a vanity, I was sure I didn't need one, but the husb ordered one from CB2, and I'm so glad he didn't listen to me. It's perfect and I love being so organized.This bookend is fun, and yes, I had to do a little shameless prop promotion.

I'm collecting before and after photos on my point and shoot, and it's hard to make a home look beautiful and clean with so many boxes everywhere. It's also a little hard to share photos of your own home by still being private. I don't know how some bloggers do it, it's a vulnerable part of my life because it's so new; I'm still not sure I want to share with readers where I live. I'm slowly building a relationship with my house, it seems a little soon to just share it when I barely know it. Does that make sense? I hope so. More pics (slowly) coming soon.