On (not) Decorating a Home

I've been reading Christina's blog, Down and Out Chic, as long as I can remember; her blog was actually one of the first I read habitually. I loved the optical pleasing photos of decorating she's posted over the years. I'll admit I was never interested in interiors, unless it was Christmastime. Now that I'm looking at my empty living room, I'm also wishing I would have paid more attention at the decorating tips. I'm completely intimidated looking at the empty rooms, and wondering what my style is, if I even have a style.

I've been immersing myself in tons of design and home makeover blogs, books and magazines. I come home with tote bags filled with overwhelming ideas from the library. Out of all the DIY's, before and afters, and links to the hundreds of sites to purchase decorative pillows (srsly, who knew??), one thing I've learned from Christina's blog is to never be perfect with decorating; a home shouldn't look like a showroom when walking in. As of right now, my home is completely empty with piles of wood for the floor, overstuffed boxes, and my laptop. And even if it's not "perfect" or stylish, it really feels like home.