community; a unique retail environment

Buying handmade has played an important role in my life, and I try to incorporate it as much as possible in what I purchase. After owning property in Anaheim, CA, I've come to love the idea of supporting small business' in my city. Now, I can support both without making the drive to LA or South County (or paying extra shipping fee's for etsy). Community is a retail area in the middle of the urban and suburban area of Anaheim run by Yasmine and Rosie. It's literally a hole in the whole strip mall, or at least that's what I thought. Community_1


When setting foot in the area, you forget it's Anaheim- it's a row of my favorite online shops come to real life shopping- there's Rosie Posie Baby run by Yasmine and Rosie; an organic sustainable shop for baby. I'm not a mom, but I'll admit my ovaries were doing backflips at the cute overload it has coming for them. I know there are mom's out there reading my blog wanting an eco-friendly supported baby, and this is the place to go.


There's Nest, a store run by Lisa and Jon, who run Whimsy and Ink. They carry handmade goods from our favorite etsy sellers (I even picked up a couple prints from Nan Lawson!) They went from making handmade flasks in mom's garage, and their business grew with the mention of them in Real Simple (Dec.2010) to opening up their own shop.




There's a vintage shop, a buy-sell-trade store, and a record shop. There isn't an anchor shop like some other popular retailers in California (think the Lab), but Nest is strong enough to become the anchor shop of Community. It's still in the infancy (there's a couple shops waiting to be filled as of now) but it has a lot of potential. They even host a First Wednesdays. The first Wednesday of each month with workshops, dinners, and local art galleries. The plus? Free wi-fi, my friends. Overall, I'm really proud to have Community in my neighborhood. More photos on flickr, or you can just visit!

{ps- some of the sellers carried in Nest- Nan Lawson, CraftyFolk, Whodini Handmade, PurBliss Candles, Sandra Fettingis, Vintage Jane, Vial, Stacey Winters, Ashley G and Drew (via Kitty Genius), hi tree, oh dier, and modern radar just to name a FEW. Go visit Community to find out what else they carry!}