There are many opportunities to moving to a bigger space. I'm looking forward to storage. Like the kind regular people have, to store boxes, toilet paper, bikes, etc. I'm currently typing at a desk with a mountain of paper towels behind me, some toilet paper stacked beside me, and some boxes filled with cans as my pseudo pantry. In other words- I CAN'T WAIT TO MOVE. I had to get rid of my beloved red city bike long ago due to living on the 6th floor, with a tiny elevator that can barely hold myself and a few grocery bags. So I said, so long, bike.

It's Summertime, I live in suburbia/urban area, and one of the things I'm splurging on is a decent bike. I don't own a car, and my Chevrolegs are getting tired. After reading Erin's post on PUBLIC bikes, I've had it in my mind to buy one one day. Then, I saw Fab (my new favorite members-only shopping site) will have them on sale for a limited time !!! I'm not sure how much a sale they will be (they range above $500) but it's worth a try to check them out. If you'd like to grab one for yourself also, click here for the exclusive invite code. Let me know if you have one, and how much you love it. 

images courtesy of publicbikes