Laundry Room

The first order of business in the house will be the laundry room. This is partially because (like a new and naive homeowner) I scheduled to do the kitchen and laundry room flooring for the first day we move...the same day we get our appliances delivered. That means I won't have time to paint it and wallpaper it as planned. Normally, I'd have someone to blame or let the adults deal with it, but this time, I'm the adult. Welp, I have one week to think of decorating ideas and if my wallpaper idea is a fail, photography always wins! Click on the photo for source. How cute would these be in a laundry room? Also, just ordered my washer and dryer today and they are the.cutest.color.ever.

which one is your favorite? i love them all, but i'm partial to the polaroid print.

{all photos by individual artist- click on photo for source}