Goodbye, Etsy//Hello, Goodsie

After months of debating this (and by months I mean almost a year!) I decided to set up my print shop elsewhere. I love Etsy, and I give 100% full credit to them and the success I've had. All I did was put my photos to print, and the sales soared. However, so did the fee's. I've relocated to Goodsie, another online storefront. I'm loving it so far. However, I'm not loving the etsy shop brand on some of the postcards and notecards I made. The cards with the etsy brand on the back of the cards are 50% off. Yes, HALF OFF. I'm moving in a month anyways, so the idea of starting fresh from any aspect of my life is an exciting endeavor right now. After I sell out, I'll reprint them, along with adding new designs. Help me make my move easier and shop here! {quick note- some stuff on etsy is already sold out. I'll be relisting them on goodsie instead}.




Ice Cream