Pop-Up Flash Bounce Review

image from photojojo.com

This tiny apparatus pictured above has saved me so much time, tested patience, and frustration. There's nothing wrong with poor indoor lighting- if you have the time and digi equipment to mess with the exposure, contrast, then it's not really poor lighting. After awhile though, I saw it as poor time management. I had to wait until the perfect time of the day to photograph my pretty items or even worse, stock photos for work. I've always loved rainy days, but when work was involved, the rainy days got in the way.

The Pop Up Flash Bounce (PUFB) attaches to your SLR easily, there's not screws, nothing to tighten, it literally just slips on your camera and stays on. If you're an etsy seller, this will come in handy! Now, instead of setting up a lightbox, slowing down my computer with photo programs, finding the perfect outdoor spot, or even waiting on the weather instead of the enjoying the weather, I have truly found myself loving this little gadget (and all the extra time I've had!).

You can see the differences here

Indoor with natural light


with flash

With Flash

with Pop Up Flash Bouncer

With Pop Up Flash Bounce

You can buy your Pop-up Flash Bounce here through Photojojo or here on Amazon.